Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin: The SLLG does Storify.

The SLLG Twitter account, @ScotLawLibs,  is something which continues to develop as an interactive resource for up-to-date Scots law and law information professionals’ interests. Incredibly not all SLLG members follow our awesome account. There are various reasons but one of the most common is  a lack of access to Twitter.

To address this in particular, the SLLG now has a Storify account.

Storify is an online platform which allows the collation and presentation of selected tweets, as well as other social media publications, to create a single narrative. The tweets are functioning and any links in them work too.

In short, it means it is possible to collect and put together the most interesting SLLG tweets on a topic, group event, or from a period of time, under an individual website link for members. This web address can be embedded in our blog or pasted in an email to be viewed outside Twitter.

As a brief example of the possibility in mind for our use of Storify, we have put together our few tweets and re-tweets surrounding the UK’s EU referendum result of 23rd June:


It is the intention our Storify will provide many members increased access to a resource of information from the SLLG that has been otherwise tricky to reach.

Do you have an opinion on this format of tweeted information delivery? Do you have any suggestions of topics we might be able to create a Storify page for? Please let any member of the SLLG Committee know your ideas.