Short follow-up to the SLLG Blog “McClure Naismith: an SLLG member’s point of view”

The SLLG Blog post “McClure Naismith” has been visited on over 260 occasions. To put this into perspective, the usual reader statistic for a post on here is 4.

It was viewed 102 times on the day it was uploaded, alone.

The SLLG Blog and Twitter account did receive some feedback on the post and one of the responses included a link to the Legal Support Network, which looks like an interesting forum for law information professionals. More feedback is always welcomed on this and on any of our posts.

We want to say thanks.

To those who read and shared our brief blog referencing the forgotten support staff in the law circle narrative of the law firm’s demise, we are extremely grateful. Given the topic, it was one of those occasions where participation certainly made the point better than the blog post itself.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Visitors to the blog this month might notice a change in the weather!

Until the beginning of January the SLLG Blog is joining in with the seasonal festivities with a snow-fall effect!

Using your mouse you can control the snow flakes too!

So, wrap up warm, read the blog and enjoy playing in the snow.


Welcome to the SLLG blog.

Rather than a quarterly members newsletter, this is your one-stop shop for SLLG articles, news and events. The blog will be updated by the SLLG committee, but we encourage members to submit posts which we will upload on your behalf. We are now more than ever…

Linking law librarians in Scotland


The lovely SLLG thistle crest

Here is a little more detail about the reasons for choosing a blogging platform:

There are many good reasons why the SLLG Committee hope members will prefer the platform move from quarterly PDF newsletter to online blog. The blog is more adaptable and flexible in delivering articles, group news, member news and event information than the old newsletter format. Quite aside from being able to enhance items with links and imbedded content, the blog can inform members in a far greater time sensitive manner. Using the tools on the sidebar of the blog, readers can search directly for posted articles, topics and events they are interested in. Further, the SLLG Twitter account is represented in real time here which gives a valuable chance for non-twitter active members to see what is going on across there.

This blog is not private. It can be viewed by non-members. It is the intention this blog will help promote the activities of our group to a wider audience. There will be occasions where an item may be posted for member eyes only. In these circumstances the post will be ‘locked’ and members will be sent the password key.

Submissions to post on the blog are more than welcome. All SLLG members can send in a submission of 1000 words or less to be uploaded. We ask that the items are sent, just as with the newsletter, to and any accompanying media (photos, links…) are attributed with permission. The Committee reserve the right to edit any submissions and will be happy to offer help and guidance in this respect.

In conclusion, it is hoped the new style of content will combine as part of the SLLG website to create a resource of articles, news and group events which the membership will really appreciate.

If you have any comments on the blog so far, please feel free to add them.