Library skills CILIP infographic: a law librarian context.

This is the skilled workforce inforgraphic taken from CILIP’s Public Library Skills Strategy 2017-2020.

CILIP public library skills figure

CILIP infographic for library workforce


Law librarians will recognise their skills and relate to activities in more than one segment. Indeed, this entire “workforce” of front-line service provider, specialist, leader and manager is often found in an individual law information professional.

It tends to go unsaid, and occasionally unnoticed, so thought a typical Scottish summer’s Monday morning is a good time to share this with SLLG members.

AALL law library resource guides

The Private Law Librarians and Information Professionals, a special interest section of the American Association of Law Libraries, have produced a series of professional guides for “best practice” in modern law librarianship and the legal information sector management.

Currently there are 9 guides, all of which appear to be systematically revised through on-going moderated collaborative discussions.

The guides promote robust business case elements for employers maintaining and supporting a legal information professional and how best to use their expertise, as well as some practical steps in the provision of services and their administration. They are intended for an American audience and AALL members, but contain certain aspects which may perfectly translate across the North Atlantic for the SLLG membership.

  1. How to hire a law librarian
  2. New roles for law libraries
  3. Space planning
  4. Collection rebalancing
  5. Internet as a legal research tool
  6. Negotiations in law libraries
  7. The library as a business development and asset
  8. Strategic planning in law libraries
  9. Intranets in law libraries

These glossy styled, visually bright guides are free to download as PDF documents from the PLLIP blog or direct from the list above.