Law Librarians Explained, a Law School Toolbox blog post

Link: Law Librarians Explained: Everything a 1L Should Know 

Although the context is for American law students, this is a good little introductory blog about law librarians.

Respect your law librarian—they are not just there to reshelf your books

John Passmore’s post includes quotable lines which are worth taking away for any of us explaining our law information service.

….don’t doubt a law librarian’s ability to dig just a little deeper and search just a little more precisely than you can

Even if it might have mentioned loose-leaf updating a bit more, it’s only an introduction to all the amazing stuff we do, after all, so I suppose not everything could fit in it.

Having a highly educated and experienced legal information professional in your corner is huge

If anyone has a comment on the Toolbox blog post or has one (or more!) blog posts they’d also like to share with the group, please let us know.


Some resources on the United Kingdom leaving the European Union

Here are some links to resources which might be of use to those interested in the processes, administrative and policy details of the UK no longer being a member of the EU.

Official Papers UK:
BREXIT, BREXIT, BREXIT! A non-exhaustive collection of online resources and source information dealing with the UK leaving the EU.

Scottish Parliament Information Centre:
UK decision to leave the European Union Hub. Impartially selected materials for those seeking information of the on-going progress of the UK leaving the EU.

House of Commons Briefing Papers:
Legislating for BREXIT: EU directives. A paper detailing (and linking to) all EU directives implemented in UK legislation as of 5th April 2017.

Inner Temple Library:
A history of the EU. An interactive timeline of the EU with accessible relevant source documents.


Many thanks to SWOP and our members, Sharron and Andrea, for highlighting these sources to us.


Scottish Court of Session Papers: digitisation pilot

The University of Edinburgh’s Digital Imaging Unit has undertaken a pilot project to digitise the collection of Scottish Court of Session Papers held across The Advocates Library, The Signet Library and The University of Edinburgh.

Comprising some 6,500 volumes, the collection spans 300 years as well as various sizes, condition and the occasional surprise thrown in. The pilot project has taken an evaluative sample of these volumes to establish the best methods to resolve potential difficulties a larger project will encounter.

To find out more about this project, and see photographs detailing a few of the challenges ahead for the Unit, please read this excellent blog post by the Unit:

Scottish Court of Session Papers: Digitisation Pilot (March 3rd, 2017)

Our group will certainly be following with great excitement in how the project progresses.

For a little more information about Session Papers:

Session Papers are documents used in the presentation of cases in the Court of Session, Scotland’s supreme civil court. They are the written pleadings of contested cases, plus associated documents… The papers often include non-legal documentary exhibits such as drawings, plans and maps.

(Advocates Library, Session Papers Collections)

Session papers are of great interest and use to law practitioners, law academics and researchers as well historians and sociologists. The collection has been referred by the Historiographer Royal in Scotland as “the most valuable unstudied source for Scottish history … in existence” (Faculty of Advocates, Session papers collections).


Official Publications blogs

For those of who work with official publications (UK and Scottish government and parliamentary papers) enquiries, here are some blogs which will be of interest.

SWOP Forum

The Scottish Working Forum on Official Publications (SWOP) is set up for information professionals interested in official publications. SWOP’s blog is a place for news about developments in Scottish official publications in particular. Scottish Government and Scottish public body information of interest to the readership is also posted.

Official Papers UK

This is the blog by the Standing Committee on Official Publications (SCOOP). The group aims to improve access and availability of UK official publications. The blog contains news and information on developments in the field of parliamentary publishing.

Inside the Act Room

The UK Parliament Archive provides access to records of Parliament dating back from 1497. Their blog features news and projects well as revealing some of the more unusual parts of their collection.

UK Web archive blog

The UK Web archive was established in 2004 to preserve and make accessible web resources deemed of scholarly and cultural importance from the UK domain. As from 2013, the Non-Print Legal Deposit Regulations has meant the archive has extended to the whole UK domain web. With increasing “born digital” political publications, the archive is becoming more important in political research, as the UK Web archive explains with the post “Curating the election“.