Library Moves SSNaP – 13 February 2017

For the Groups’ second Short Skills Networking and Presentation series, members gathered to discuss good practice when relocating their stock.

There were 7 attendees, along with additional input submitted in advance by the team at Pinsent Masons (thank you!) and the DLA Piper librarian in Manchester after the office move at the end of last year.

Everyone had had experience of some sort of move and so were able to contribute throughout – ranging from re-thinking information centres, to the full-scale new office with library designed from scratch.

Guided by the pre-provided points, the discussion followed the logical steps of a move: always being aware of the possibility, formulating a plan of action, library design and actual move logistics.

We shared our thoughts and experiences of what worked well in libraries we’d worked in, and what didn’t.  There were some horror stories, such as the triangular shelving one architect thought would be ideal for legal stock.  There is some more photographic evidence below.


Closed crates with option for labels for extended term access from storage


Stock moves can also provide an opportunity for disposal of no longer used items


Book moves can be a dirty business

The discussion was lively and lasted almost two hours, and the attendees really enjoyed the session (or else enjoyed a sugar high from the individually wrapped Jelly Beans).

It was refreshing and worthwhile to be able to examine an issue indepth via this forum, without a bell going off to prematurely whisk us on to another table and topic.

A full outcome has been created for the benefit of all members and is on the SLLG Website at

SSNaPs are already proving to be the perfect development format in our group. If you would like to host a presentation or discussion topic on any issue please contact


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