Crown Commercial Service provides digitisation services.

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) provides commercial services and purchasing advice to the Public and Government sectors.

CCS can be used by those working in these sectors to procure a variety of UK Government contracted goods and services. It works as a sector driven marketplace meaning simpler procurement tenders as well as some pre-negotiated discounts for direct buying from a single supply-catalogue for sector managers.  The concept is this saves money for the taxpayer.

You can buy a variety of commonly used goods and services including travel, print, stationery and office equipment, technology hardware software and services, professional services, fleet and energy.
(Buying goods and services: options for public sector buyers)

In January 2017, the CCS announced it had reached agreements to offer an “all-in-one solution for printer/copier, managed print and records information management needs” (New agreement to help digitise print, copying, scanning and storage).

The full range of the records information service which Public Sector and Government managers can procure from, can be viewed in the framework document, Multifunctional Devices, Managed Print and Content Services and Records and Information Management, or as it is commonly known by it’s nickname down the pub: RM3781

TFPL reported their success in being awarded a contract until 2020 to provide the service sectioned Lot 6 of RM3781: Sensitivity Review Service.

TFPL is now tasked with providing a service for transferring material to The National Archives for public access. The scope includes a managed sensitivity review aspect, determining the sensitivity of a department’s papers for digitisation. Ultimately TFPL will undertake any redaction of information required and conclude if a document requires partial closure, to be fully closed or even retained as private.

TFPL’s Managing Director, Chris Jones, said “I am delighted that we have been recognised as a vital supplier to the Government and have been awarded a place on Lot 6. Lot 6 is concerned with providing a Sensitivity Review Service for Government departments and other Public Sector bodies.”


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