Scots Law doing Doors Open Day, 2016

The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service and Faculty of Advocates are taking part in Doors Open Day this year.

Doors Open Day is a national celebratory event of free entry to interesting architecture and history and the work that goes on in otherwise rarely accessible places to the public.

The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service have several activities planned throughout September across their offices. These include:

  • Tours of cells and courtrooms
  • Access to the inside of custody vans
  • Talks and presentations on the work of the service
  • Displays of courtroom dress
  • Guided history of Parliament House
  • Re-enactment of the trial of Madeline Smith

The full itinerary may be found here: doors-open-day-2016-courts-and-events

On 24th September, the Faculty of Advocates will open it’s usually private doors for guided tours of their library all day.

The Advocates Library is widely regarded as the finest working law library in the British Isles. Staff of the library will talk about the collections and history of the library, which began in the 17th Century and was a founder of the National Library of Scotland in the early 20th Century. Those on the tour will  find out about the various locations of the library and hear stories about some of the characters who frequented the book shelves, including a real life dead Egyptian Mummy (!!), whose story and fate is excellently recalled by SLLG member, Jane, in her ‘Sad History of the Faculty Mummy’.

Thankfully I don’t think the Mummy cursed all ye who enter the library, so it is an excellent opportunity to visit.

If any SLLG member knows of other Scots Law related places or law libraries opening their doors, please get in touch with this blog and we can share the information.

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