Supreme Courts Library visit: via SWOP

SWOP and CILIP GIG were recently given a tour of the Supreme Courts Library by Jennie, Supreme Courts Librarian, SWOP and SLLG member.

Jennie took the groups through some of the (at times, macabre) history of Parliament House and the work of Advocates, as well as revealing some of the practical challenges she is currently tackling in the Supreme Courts Library service and discovering the added roles of the Librarian position since taking over from retired previous librarian (and SLLG honorary member) Elizabeth.

Fiona Laing and Helen Costello both have written about the visit on the SWOP blog. Helen uses her post to reflect more on the differing roles Jennie has and on the need of information professionals to network when thinking about the varied roles many ‘solo’ librarians occupy.

Perhaps better known as “The Judges’ Library” to most SLLG members, our members should also find these posts about the Supreme Courts Library of interest. Please click on the links underlined below the excerpts to read more.

I had the pleasure of organising and attending a joint SWOP/ CILIP Government Information Group visit to the Supreme Courts Library at the end of last month. Scotland’s Supreme Courts are based in Parliament House in Edinburgh…

Source: The Supreme Courts Library (SWOP Forum, 21 July 2016)

I’m glad to say I have never been in a court room before but when the opportunity arose to visit the Supreme Courts for the afternoon my curiosity was peeked.  I was keen to find out how the scales of justice work and see for myself how the library and information service supports the day to day activity of the Court of Session and the High Court.  Jennie Findlay was running the library almost singlehandedly (save an enthusiastic volunteer)…

Source: Sharing knowledge – visit to Supreme Courts 24th June (SWOP Forum, 22 July 2016)

Well done SWOP for arranging a visit and reporting on this law library!

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