SLLG SSNaP meetings

In convenor’s recent email to SLLG members, Alison mentioned the committee’s launch of the Short Skills Networking and Presentations series, or SSNaP meetings.

The concept behind SSNaP meetings is for SLLG members (or guests) to lead small scaled, quick sessions freely for other SLLG members.

The potential forms or topics for these sessions are only limited to the ideas from those who want to lead them. They can be anything, such as:

  • Single subject specific discussions
  • Presentations on a project
  • Imparting skills
  • Sharing of experiences
  • Work shopping a potential new library system
  • Tour
  • Used to canvas others’ advice, insight and knowledge

SSNaP meetings are intended to be quick and easily put together to slot into a working day, or a lunch hour. They can be arranged at relatively short notice, if need be. They have the structural intention so that even with only a very few in attendance, those who attend will gain value from them.

Any member can lead one of these meetings and the committee will give them support.

To launch this new series for the SLLG, Sharron from the Advocates Library is offering the group an information session on “Serials Management” in the Autumn. Lasting up to an hour and hosted at her office desk, Sharron is willing to be directed during the session by the questions and interests of those attending.

As the committee, we have been delighted to disseminate the details of this SSNaP to the members and are sure that it will attract interest within the group.

We are happy to do this for all members who would like to lead a SSNaP of their own. The idea digs to the essence of what the SLLG is for: Law Librarians helping one another in their daily work. And, of course, it also adds to vital development opportunities and experience for all those involved.

Please contact a member of the committee if you would like to… SSNaP into action! (sorry!)


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