Law Librarians are remembered on First 100 Years blog

Law interest blog, First 100 Years, aims to provide a digital space to record the work and stories of women in law in the UK since the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act 1919.

Background to the First 100 Years blog.

As part of this project, law librarians Elizabeth Moys and Muriel Anderson have been remembered as fine representatives of law librarianship in one of the stories now told.

Legal Librarians / First 100 years

Moys is best remembered for her eponymous classification scheme known in so many law libraries around the UK and the World over today. Anderson is notable for her success in developing the IALS Exchange scheme. The blog post delves a little further into the careers of these two major names in law librarianship too

The last paragraph of the post about these two influential women is worth quoting outright here:

Both the Moys Classification system and the Duplicates Exchange scheme are innovations which have changed the way legal libraries function. Law libraries are an integral part of the legal sector which facilitate the rigorous work and study which exemplifies the profession in the UK. Too often the librarians who play such a crucial role in preserving documents and archival material are themselves under-represented in the historical record. Please contact with stories, information, or thoughts on the role of female legal librarians.

Too true! It would be great if more achievements of law librarians were documented.





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