CIA job advert: The Librarian Identity

The CIA is inviting applications for the position of their librarian. And the job description is as amazing as you would expect. In what other job advert for a library post has there been a criteria section based on “current mission requirements“?

The CIA clearly value their librarians, calling them: “The US intelligence community experts [of] information sources“. They back this up with an impressive salary scale: $50,864 – $118,069!

Even so, it’s a salary that’s a bit high not to be expected to kill a double-agent operative/someone ignoring copyright law with a thrust of a book to their oesophagus, no?

The successful applicant will have a recognised information masters degree  and  possess strong skills in at least one aspect of information science. Advanced abilities in “non-romance language” is also desirable. Unfortunately this does not mean having the ability to not say “No, I love you more, sweet-pea” to your girlfriend.



Includes a licence to photocopy


As CNN points out in their article about the job advert this week, the CIA employ around 1,400 librarians, despite overall job prospects for librarians in the US currently slowing.

The article goes on to say any prospective applicant for CIA Librarian will be required to pass medical and psychological tests, including a lie detector test, as well as extensive background checks. And you better not have – as the youth say – “Chased The Dragon” in the past 12 months: the CIA won’t consider anyone who has taken illegal drugs during the year prior to any application.

Neither the CNN report or the job advert itself says if the librarian will be provided with a standard issue sidearm. So I’d say it must be that the librarian packing heat is a given.

Many thanks to our SLLG member, Sharron, for spotting this. Sharron is unwilling to confirm or deny her application for the job at this time.





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