Group winter social, 3rd December 2015

Remember a simpler time. A time when Kanye West wasn’t having a Twitter row with Wiz Khalifa. A time before January. A time when the SLLG had their Winter Social at Avizandum Book shop.


It was the minutes before our festive social and all was quite, not even a mouse. Which was a shame because it would have really liked the cheese board.


The Avizandum Autumn social has been a fixed event in the SLLG calendar for a while now but we decided to shake things up by making it a festive winter event in 2015! So on Thursday 3rd December, we all congregated in Avizandum Law Bookshop to enjoy the usual wine and cheese and conversation, but with added festive treats.

There was a wintery chill in the air, but this was more or less unnoticed in light of the equally wintery torrential downpour. Fortunately, several SLLG members were prepared to brave the weather in exchange for a glass of mulled wine (or two) and a chocolate shiny gold coin!

The evening was filled with professional networking and socialising, plus some poorly-made Christmas crackers.

The SLLG would like to thank Elizabeth and the staff at Avizandum for their hospitality, and providing the food for the event. We look forward to seeing you all next year!


Thanks to Lissie for this report and also for her own excellent hosting and decorating skills at the event.




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