Short follow-up to the SLLG Blog “McClure Naismith: an SLLG member’s point of view”

The SLLG Blog post “McClure Naismith” has been visited on over 260 occasions. To put this into perspective, the usual reader statistic for a post on here is 4.

It was viewed 102 times on the day it was uploaded, alone.

The SLLG Blog and Twitter account did receive some feedback on the post and one of the responses included a link to the Legal Support Network, which looks like an interesting forum for law information professionals. More feedback is always welcomed on this and on any of our posts.

We want to say thanks.

To those who read and shared our brief blog referencing the forgotten support staff in the law circle narrative of the law firm’s demise, we are extremely grateful. Given the topic, it was one of those occasions where participation certainly made the point better than the blog post itself.


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