Morison’s Dictionary and other historic Scottish case reports now widely available

The Secretary of the Scottish Council of Law Reporting (SCLR) contacted the SLLG Blog with the following:
Readers of the SLLG blog may be interested to learn of the continuing work by the Scottish Council of Law Reporting to make important historic (but cited) Scottish law reports available as widely as possible.

As a result, BAILII has now loaded the reports gathered in Morison’s Dictionary (together with Brown’s Supplement) plus Hailes and Elchies law reports. These are accessible on open access through their site.

The Council has also completed the data capture (both in PDF and xml) of the Scottish Appeal Cases (mostly civil appeals to the House of Lords from 1707 to 1873) and Jury Court Reports (1815-1830). BAILII are planning to load this material over the next few months. Some of these reports are extremely rare in hard copy.

In pursuit of its objective of improving access to these materials, the SCLR has also offered the data, free of charge, to the commercial legal information vendors. Westlaw are the first to have uploaded the Morison etc. cases in their entirety and these reports are now available to Westlaw subscribers. William S Hein have also included some additional Morison material and it is hoped that Justis will include these reports in their service soon.

The SCLR is open to further suggestions from SLLG members as to historic Scottish case law that might be captured usefully. Please contact Anthony Kinahan as secretary(at)sclr(dot)scot or via the contact form on the SCLR website.


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