A sweet Book-ay: perfumes based on books

A selection of perfume based on dead writers from sweet tea apothecary

Unisex perfume based on dead writers from Sweet Tea Apothecary

The next time you think a law librarian smells of just a pile of old books, it’s actually expensive perfume.

The SLLG tweeted news this week of a literary inspired perfume. From the response, it seems that not only is the idea popular to librarians, but is already being mist-sprayed into the air and walked through.

In fact there are a few options available to the discerning librarian who wants to wear a published aroma about town…

Dead Writers Perfume, is blended to evoke the feeling of “paging through yellowed copies of Hemingway, Shakespeare, Fitzgerald, Poe, and more”, and bottled by The Sweet Tea Apothecary.

The “simple scent” of Paperback can be procured from Demeter.

An eau de perfume of an entire library is possible from In The Library, by  CB I Hate Perfume.

Steidl introduced the fragrance, Paper Passion, packaged in a book with an ISBN. Steidl’s website gives little away and so it is left to Fragrantica to explain the high concept behind the creation and packaging of Paper Passion and describe the potpourri:

…Its characteristic chic scent that should relax and reach in each of us a certain amount of concentration and meditation, just like when we read books

Packaging for Paper Passion

Packaging for Paper Passion

Surely, too, there are others out there to be sampled.

I’m no per fumier so I am guessing these perfumes smell better than soaking vellum, rag-paper and leather conditioning wax with a library stock copy of Bravo-Two-Zero in a fermenter jar on a bookshelf for a bit and labelling the result decadently: “Liquid Print”.

Maybe the SLLG could host a perfume party evening and we can blind test the book themed scents against the real things!


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