SLLG Speed Networking event, 28 January 2015

The group year was kicked off in style for 2015 with the annual Speed Networking Event. This event remains the most popular attended event of the year, with its “speed” style of networking where it is never too long before the next topic is brought up for discussion.

The SSC Library in Edinburgh provided the ideal location for members to gather on what turned out to be a very wintery late afternoon.

Attendees are able to set the agenda for discussions by submitting topics prior to the meeting and this year the questions ran through a varied set of themes:

1. Professional Development
Do membership organisations such as CILIP, BIALL and SLLG represent value for money?

2. Marketing your service
With a recent UK Government commissioned report recommending public libraries imitate chain coffee shops, is there something different you’ve done to promote use of your library or information centre?

3. Professional use of social media
Do you use social media for work? What are the advantages & disadvantages of using social media in the workplace? Who are the best info professional bloggers and tweeters to follow?

4. User feedback
How can you better gauge user satisfaction with your library/information service and is there a way to increase responses?

5. E-books
“Preservation is the ‘global warming’ issue for e-books”. Discuss.

6. Quick-fire Question
If you could employ anybody, past or present, to work in your library who would you pick and why?

Members keenly swapped thoughts and experiences during this formal part of the event, before the evening’s refreshments were served and talk turned to catching up on news and latest fashions. During the refreshments, the (in)famous SLLG prize draw sponsored by Avizandum Books was made and 5 lucky members won super library sector related prizes!

1st prize in the draw! (from the British Library shop)

1st prize! (from the British Library shop)

All too soon, after, it was time to depart into the evening, where the blizzard conditions thankfully slowed to a Christmas card scene and didn’t continue into an outtake for the film, Absolute Zero.

The Committee would like to thank everyone who attended. It was great to see many familiar faces and exciting to meet some of our brand-new members too! The Committee would also like to especially thank the library staff of the SSC Library for hosting us and allowing us to party into the evening among the Session Cases.

The blog will compile and post a short set of notes from the event discussions in due course.


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