Committee vacancy details 2015

The SLLG Committee will have vacancies this year with long-standing committee members stepping down at the 2015 AGM.
Previously when asking for committee volunteers we’ve said “It’s good for the CV”. But what does being on the committee entail?

Ensuring the SLLG is the group members want is the priority for the committee.

This may sound daunting, but in fact being on the committee is rather relaxed.

• Meetings are good humoured.
• Most of the events are run annually, organising them is straightforward.
• Useful guidance notes and polices are in place for direction.
• There is a committee WIKI gathering SLLG resources and knowledge together.

None of the committee is an expert at the “being on a committee” thing, but, as the experiences of committee members accumulate, the combined efforts are enjoyable and rewarding.

Structure of the SLLG Committee
The committee comprises of 3 office bearers: Convenor, Treasurer and Secretary, and 4 ordinary committee members.

The Convenor is the voice of the SLLG. The Treasurer manages the financial accounts. The Secretary makes sure the SLLG membership details are correctly maintained.

You might like to read more detail of what the Office Bearer roles involve on the committee page of the website.

The committee meets 5 or 6 times during the year. The meetings are hosted by one of the committee and usually last no longer than 75 minutes. Unless there is a trip to a local bar after Any Other Business, but that’s not strictly put on the official business agenda sheet. Committee members also regularly keep in touch to share thoughts and make plans, if needed, for the group between meetings.

Although a little formal in their tone, you might also like to read through minutes of previous committee meetings to discover more about the types of business brought up. Minutes of committee meetings are found on the Member Publications page of the members’ only part of the SLLG website.

Main committee tasks
The committee’s main task is to provide the membership with a professional interest networking and social group.

It achieves this by:
• Scheduling a diary of events
• Providing platforms for members to contact one another

The committee, further:
• Discusses ideas from members
• Handles SLLG Bursary applications
• Promotes the group
• Liaises with other professional groups

Volunteering to be a committee member
As a new member on the committee, you will not be expected to take on an office bearer role. However, there are a number of things you may decide you’d like to do.

You can arrange, or be the contact for an event.

• The committee will, typically, arrange a networking event, an invited speaker for the AGM, a professional training course and a social event each year.

  • Organising a training event is satisfying. It affords the chance to network with speakers/trainers and shape the agenda of the training. The committee has contacts in the wider information sector to draw on, and tried and tested local venues. You’ll receive support from the rest of the committee too in anything from advertising the event to setting up ticketing to catering. Events like wine and cheese social evenings and trips to the Edinburgh International Book Festival are good ways to try your hand at event planning if you are a little less confident about a training course.

You can be a Group Website administrator.

• The infrastructure of the website is the responsibility of the contracted web developer. However, the committee adds content and customises various aspects on the site.

You can add to the SLLG Blog.

• The Blog provides news and reports of interest to members. The blog needs regular contributions and someone to edit and upload submitted articles.

You can tweet.

• The SLLG Twitter account can be accessed by all committee members. Tweeting from the account is positively encouraged in the committee. The account has been praised as a superior twitter account amongst other information interest accounts too!

You can promote the SLLG.

• Creating promotional materials, talking at networking events and visiting post-graduate classes are all aspects the committee would like to do more of. Crazy at it sounds, the SLLG is not hugely well known outside Scottish Legal information professional circles. We would like this to change.

You can offer assistance to another member of the committee.

• The SLLG Committee is about offering advice, help and support to each other. No one is left in the cold to fend for themselves. You might not feel confident enough to do something alone, but being there for another committee member is just as appreciated and important.

You can do things to benefit the SLLG which have never been done before.

• Have you thought “the SLLG would be better if…?” The committee always values new perspectives and ideas. Enthusiasm is the life force of the committee. An innovative and modernising element in the committee is vital in keeping the SLLG relevant.

If you have an aptitude for something, want to develop a deeper understanding in some of the activities mentioned above, or want to be more involved in your group, then the SLLG Committee is highly supportive and often a fun team to be part of where you can increase experience in a range of transferable skills. In short, we would love for you to volunteer.

If you would like to join the committee, or would like more information about the committee, please talk to any current committee member.


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