Nominations invited for the SLLG Award 2015

Nominations from the membership are invited during December for the inaugural Scottish Law Librarians Award. The award, in partnership with Avizandum Law Books, will celebrate the positive contribution our members have been making in the information sector.

All our members make a positive contribution everyday. Members take part in continuing professional development programmes, complete in-house projects and run services in sometimes limiting circumstances. It is hoped this award will reveal some of the excellent work done often unassumingly in our sector.

It is the ambition for this award that it is seen as a ‘feel-good’ element for SLLG members to engage in and discover what other members have been achieving.

The award will be presented at the Group Speed Networking event in January 2015. The winning individual member or law information team will be announced on this blog too!

If you’re a Group member and know an SLLG member or team who you’d like to give a little recognition to, please nominate them.

Group members can nominate using the form in the Member Only section of the SLLG website where information on eligibility and other details for the award can also be found.

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